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Company Profile

NameKozo Games(小僧ゲームズ)
Office19-7 Higashiminemachi, Ota, Tokyo 145-0074 Japan
Chief executiveHiromasa Matsuo
(Nickname: Sugoroku Kozo)
Business1.Intermediary for overseas sales of Japanese indie board games
2.Selling Asian board games in Japan

Relationship between Kozo Games and KG Export

KG Export(Kozo Games Export Division) is an intermediary between Japanese indie game producers and board game stores around the world.

Kozo Games was established in 2019 as an online board game store that explores and sells Asian board games in Japan.
At the moment, we have dealt with games from Jing Studio(静言思桌游) in China and Capital Gains Studio in Singapore.

In 2020, Kozo Games launched a new division “KG Export”.