Introduction :

“A floor plan you’ve never seen”

Players design and draw each floor plan using selected building materials like walls, doors, and so on. All players use the same materials which are randomly selected in each round.

In the end, your bathroom might have no door or even walls. But whatever the plan, you can still win. Make a nice presentation and become a winner of a competition.

—description from the publisher

Component :

  • 1 Parts board
  • 4 Floor plan boards
  • 1 Facility board
  • 2 Rulebooks (JP/EN)
  • 4 Markers
  • 4 Dice

Rulebook :

Japanese Titleマドリーノ
DesignerAiko Oyama, Toru Oyama
ArtistAiko Oyama, Toru Oyama
Size235mm x 157mm x 35mm
Retail price in JapanJPY 3,300 ( USD 31 )
Number of players2 – 4
Playing time20 – 30 min.
Age8 –
complexity (1-5)1 ( light )