Band of Tricks

Introduction :

Band of Tricks is a bid-type trick-taking game with unique suit relationships.
Suit has a three-way relationship like rock-paper-scissors.
Players should predict how many times they will win in their hand.

The band of tricks rule is very simple, but it is a deep trick-taking game. 
You can enjoy a wide range from beginners to professionals.

Component :

  • 50 cards (89㎜×58㎜) 
  • 23 cubes(8㎜)
  • 1 instruction sheet

Rulebook :

TitleBand of Tricks
Japanese Titleバンド・オブ・トリックス
DesignerYasuyuki Nakamura
(中村 泰之)
Size126mm x 98 mm x 23 mm
Retail price in Japan2000 JPY (18.7 USD)
Number of players3 – 5
Playing time30 min.
Age10 –
complexity (1-5)Medium-light (2)